Interesting links of the week

One of my favourite procrastination educational activities is to read about random weird stuff. Unfortunately, it gets a little hard to keep track of the articles I come across – even if I post them on Twitter or Facebook, over time they tend to get lost.

I’ve decided to occasionally list here the links to the most interesting findings of the week, tagging them accordingly, so they can be more easily found :).

Dark Victorian Portraits by Egregore Designs: I’m always on the lookout for more intriguing art, especially fantastical landscapes and creepy Victorian/steampunk stuff. Some of these unsettling portraits of people and disturbing creatures would make for great characters.

Dolci tipici veneziani: un interessante post del gruppo Facebook ‘Venezia Ieri e Oggi’ riguardo ai ricordi degli utenti sui loro dolci tradizionali preferiti. Un’altra sfaccettatura della vita quotidiana veneziana da inserire nelle ricerche per il dottorato.

How Early Islamic Science advanced Medicine: Great article from the National Geographic website about physicians during the Islamic golden age.

Early Muslim medicine drew on traditional practices from the region, some dating back to ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Babylon in the third millennium B.C. Traditional natural remedies, such as the use of honey or olive oil, and the use of suction cups (hijama) are still used today in many Islamic countries and around the world to treat ailments. An indicator of health in this early Muslim society was one’s dreams…

The Secret Libraries of History: from the BBC. There are few things I find enthralling as reading about how men have endeavored to hide and save books from destruction throughout history. This article features: the Library Cave in the Gobi Desert, among the Thousand Buddha Grottoes; the Vatican secret archives; the Cairo genizah in Egypt.


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  1. Thanks Linda, really interesting article on libraries

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