Tea Tasting: Tè della Fortuna (Tea of Fortune)

Today’s tea is produced by an Italian brand, Neavita, which features an interesting selection of blends and tisanes. (Incidentally, they also produce my current favourite tea, which I will review soon :). Their infusions are sold by a shop nearby (along with natural beauty products and healthy snacks), and I was immediately attracted by their packaging. It’s absolutely beautiful, which makes them ideal gifts! I especially love their tins.


Some flavours: mixed berries, Sicilian citrus fruits, strawberry & cream…


‘After Meal’ and ‘Good Night’ tea tins

Unfortunately the company seems to be a little disorganized – their website is a Flash monstrosity featuring teaware and knicknacks for the house, but I can’t seem to find a Tea section or, God forbid, a list of retailers where all the products advertised on the website may be purchased. Or an email address. Oh well! You can have a look at their selection (as well as more lovely packaging) at Erboristeria Arcobaleno Online Shop.

The blend I will be reviewing today is a tea blend called Tea of Fortune that comes in a beautiful tin in shades of terracotta red and mustard yellow. The ingredients list is a little long: green tea, black tea, sugar butterflies, rose petals, osmanthus flowers, sunflower petals, cornflower petals. I love rose-flavored tea (I’m so bummed that I can no longer find the rose Twinings tea I reviewed here), and I love cornflower, and I love green tea. And I was really intrigued by the sunflower petals – what would they taste like?


notice the beautiful Van Gogh mug that my boyfriend brought me from Amsterdam!


look how pretty! rose, cornflower and sunflower petals, and the sugar butterflies…

The scent is strong and pungent, really fresh. But unfortunately, the taste turns subdued and really heavy – this tea is a bit of a miss for me. There’s just too much packed in, and the different flavours end up jumbled together, suffocating each other. The overall taste isn’t bad, per se – it’s just very heavy, and it brings to mind a dish where too many different spices have been tossed in the pan to the point of completely hiding the food’s taste.

I absolutely love the peculiar sharpness of green tea, but here I can’t even taste it; all that’s left of it is a light bitterness at the back of my mouth. There is no rose, except perhaps a sweetness lingering in the mouth (as this flavour always seems to do) only after the savoury mess has been swallowed.

I was intrigued by the sunflower petals, but the truth is, I can’t even distinguish which could possibly be their taste. Far from the flowery, spring-inspired flavour I was expecting, this tea is a heavy, dusty pout-pourrie, reminding me of old drawers with perfumed sachets.

I will be drinking this tea and enjoying the black tea base with its pout-pourrie of flowers when I feel like drinking something… filling, and strong, but I have to admit I expected better.


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