The secrets of double knitting

Hello, everyone!

So, my funding application for the Arts Council is pretty much ready – just need to let it stew a couple of days, then I’ll revise it on Monday and send it off. So excited about it! So, to reward myself, I spent the day learning about various knitting techniques to use more than one colour – stranded, intarsia, and double knitting. In the end, I decided I’d like to give a try to this one: I want to make a cowl, and the inside will be on display, so double knitting probably works best. I suppose I could achieve a similar result with intarsia, but I still haven’t mastered the art of gauging how much wool I will need to do a certain area of knitting, and I think I would completely mess up having to divide the ball of yarn into smaller bobbins 🙂

Double knitting allows you to have a nice ‘negative’ effect on the wrong side of the work, and the cowl would be reversible. Like this:

That doesn’t look so hard, right?… Wrong! For a beginner like me, it looks a bit like black magic :). Luckily the internet is full of talented and generous people willing to share their wisdom for the benefit of people like me. They have all my gratitude – I’ve been learning all sorts of things from online free tutorials, from CSS coding to knitting to photo editing!

Anyway, Heidi Bears has a wonderful double knitting tutorial with step-by-step explanations and detailed pictures. At the moment, after a couple of failed attempts, I’m still trying to cast on the initial stitches… third’s time the charm, I’m sure!

Check out Heidi’s tutorial HERE – you’ll probably be better than me at double knitting in no time ;)!


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