Kelvin Okafor’s stunning drawings

Today has been a lazy Sunday.

I was still confined indoors, nursing the last traces of my yearly tonsillitis, hoping to be in shape for tomorrow’s meeting with my ex Writing for Cinema tutor (if all goes well, he’ll be mentoring me as I work on my novel for young readers – more news to come later!) And as I cooked some risotto alla marinara for dinner and browsed the Haringey local paper (multitasking for the win) I stumbled across an article about Kelvin Okafor’s stunning art.

Image copyright of Kelvin Okafor

This, right here? Is a charcoal and pencil drawing. I’m astonished. During my years as an art student, we all spent hours and hours refining our skills drawing bones, skeletons and portraits with pencils, charcoal and sanguine – but you can rest assured none of us came even close to this incredible realism. Kelvin works up to 80-100 hours on a single drawing, and just thinking about such an intense focus makes my head spin.

I invite you to pop over to Kelvin’s blog to take a look at his other works, and pay him a compliment or two! I recommend you check out his Mother Theresa portrait. I’m absolutely stunned.


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