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Linda Ghio is a PhD student, freelance translator and writer, with a penchant for steampunk and classic rock.

In her early twenties, she divided her time between London and her hometown in the hills of Northern Italy. In February 2012 she graduated from the London Metropolitan University with First Class Honors in Creative Writing.

She is working on her Creative Writing PhD, focusing on merging the steampunk genre with Italian history and folklore. Since she can work online, she is taking the chance to travel and experience life in various corners of the world: after Spain, Okinawa and Kyushu, she is now in Tokyo teaching English and Italian.

She likes cats, watercolors, collecting mugs, acting, sewing and lately has taken up knitting too. When writing, she prefers curious, unpredictable worlds, full of weird creatures and flying machines and strange characters. Her heroes and heroines are always underdogs, and she loves them for it…